Is a wedding cake for you? here’s why a wedding cake is great?

Wedding Cake, is a longtime favorite and quite customizable.

When it comes to wedding desserts, there are certainly other options out there besides cake. However, wedding cake remains a classic choice for many couples. There are many reasons why a wedding cake is such a popular dessert option. For one, it is a traditional choice that has been around for centuries. Wedding cake is also very versatile – it can be decorated to match any wedding theme or color scheme. And, of course, let’s not forget the fact that wedding cake can be delicious! Whether you’re looking for a classic white cake or something more unique, there’s sure to be a wedding cake that suits your taste. The cake above was done by the amazing Nicole of Nicole Bakes cakes. https://www.nicolebakescakes.com/

Wedding Pie? You heard me right.

If you’re looking for a unique and memorable dessert for your wedding, look no further than pie! If you’ve been debating should you have cake at your wedding, don’t and don’t feel bad about it. Whether you choose to serve mini pies or have a pie ice cream sundae bar, your guests are sure to be impressed. Plus, what could be more delicious than enjoying a slice of pie on your special day? Plus, mini pies are a lot easier to serve than cake and it makes for a heck of a pretty spread to see all those pies laying out on a table.

Are Donuts Right for Your Wedding?

If you love donuts why not serve them as dessert at your wedding? Seriously, who doesn’t love donuts, there’s such a great variety of flavors, colors, and textures. Whether you like cake, glazed, filled, old-fashioned, sprinkle, crumb, sugar, powder, or my personal favorite french kruller donuts are a great alternative or addition to the wedding cake.

Donuts can be decorated and made super fancy, I had one wedding where they were colored to the couple’s wedding color palette, including glitter and sparkles. A donut wall is always a hit with guests, they like being able to pick out their own special donuts. Also, if you want to go all in on your love of donuts you could have a giant donut cake made and you can even cut it like a regular cake. If you don’t have a favorite place to get donuts then you should send Kate at Lavish Candy Sweetology https://www.lavishcandy.com/ a message she knows all things donut and sweet-related and actually did the donuts and donut cake you see below.

Wedding Pastries, yes please sign me up.

I love pastries so much. Anytime I’m in a pastry shop my eyes are always bigger than my stomach. I can easily buy enough for 16 people and there are usually only two of us. Croissants and the like, Napoleans, Macarons, and Fruit tarts are all on my favorites list. If you’re in love with pastries as much as I am why not have them at your wedding. One of my must-go-to patisseries is in Santa Barbara it’s called Renaud’s. If you’re getting married there you have to include them in your wedding. https://renaudsbistro.com/ or at least stop by when you’re in Santa Barbara. Or if you’re in Los Angeles there’s no better place than Portos, omg that guava turnover! https://www.portosbakery.com/

Let’s think outside the box and go with exotic desserts instead of cake.

There are so many delicious and exotic desserts out there, why limit yourself to cake? Tiramisu, baklava, Swedish wedding cake, and dessert traditions from other countries are all wonderful options. Exotic desserts can represent your culture or your combined family cultures. Mexican Churros and Chinese egg custard tarts are just two of the many delicious possibilities. Let’s think outside the box and go with something different for a change. There are so many amazing places to get fun and tasty desserts, but if you’re thinking about Churros, I have to suggest Churro Boss. I had them as a midnight snack at a wedding and they were so incredibly good. https://churroboss.com/ or Mini Dutch Pancakes from Oma’s Puffers https://www.omaspuffers.com/

If you were thinking if you should have cake at your wedding I hope this blog has helped you.

As a person with a huge sweet tooth and especially for the finer deserts in life and a love for weddings. I think that you should be able to have whatever wedding dessert you like, whether it’s cake or very much not cake. Check out this wedding at The Lavender Workshop, where there’s a mini cake and super cute cupcakes. https://tristamajaphotography.com/gallery/lavender-workshop-wedding/

Meet your sweet obsessed wedding photographer and blog writer, Trista.

I’ve always had room for dessert, if not right that second I’m definitely taking something to go. I’ve even been known to take cake and sweets for the drive home from weddings. You know it’s late at night and you just need a little pick me up for your travels.

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