Here are some tips on how best to include your dog in your wedding.

Have a friend or hire a professional to serve as the dog’s handler on your big day.

A professional dog handler can be a great resource for you and your pup. They know how to keep the dog calm and comfortable in unfamiliar situations. As well as how to keep guests safe from dogs who might be overly excited by all the excitement of your wedding day. If you’re hiring a professional dog handler for an event like this, it’s important that everyone involved agrees on what is expected of everyone else.

You need to make sure that your dog has been properly trained to behave around other people and will remain calm during the ceremony. It’s also wise for both parties involved in this process to agree on some basic safety measures. Such as having water available at all times, keeping the dog on a leash at all times, and having a quiet place for the dog to relax.

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Have a flower crown made for your dog.

Now, you may be wondering how in the world you would make a dog’s flower crown. There are lots of great places that can help you with this, YouTube is a wealth of information! If your dog is small enough, you can try making one yourself at home. Also, if you don’t want to make it talk to your floral designer and order a flower crown just for your dog. Just make sure that whatever materials you use are not toxic to dogs, such as roses, daisies, marigolds, and sunflowers

Also, make sure it’s not heavy and can be worn for a long time without chafing their neck or irritating them. Make sure it’s tight enough around the neck so nothing falls off but not so tight that it hurts them when they move around. Finally, if they seem really uncomfortable wearing it, keep it on for a short time. Use it during photos and during the ceremony.

If you want your pup to be in all photos with you, the key is to keep them calm. If you want your pup to be in all photos with you, the key is to keep them calm and make sure that the pup’s handler has plenty of treats or a favorite toy.

The best way to do this is by keeping them on a leash, which makes it easy for their handler to control their movements and behavior.

You may also want to consider having them wear a special outfit matching your wedding theme so that they stand out in pictures and look extra cute!

If you have a wedding website, put the name of your dog and a bio.

It’s important to be as inclusive of your dog as you are of every guest. If you have a wedding website, put the name of your dog and a bio, so guests can get to know them ahead of time. Introduce your dog to everyone just like they are the best friend we know that they are. Add a few photos of you and your dog together at home or on vacation, enjoying your time together. Create a cute and fun bio for your dog: “I love running around outside with my person (or persons), playing fetch with sticks or tennis balls.”

Add their name to the invitation.

If you’re sending out wedding invites, add your dog’s name to the invitation. Include their title (Mr., Mrs., Dr.), or even get creative and make up a fun title that relates to what they are like. For example, if your dog loves to play fetch, then you could call them “The Fetching One.”

If you aren’t planning on sending out wedding invitations yet, don’t worry you can still include their names in the save the date! This way people know that they have been invited too!

Create a cute sign that they can wear with their name and title as part of the wedding party.

Whatever you do, please make sure that it is easy to read. Also, try not to make them carry something heavy or cumbersome. It should be easy for the dog to wear around their neck or on a collar so it can easily be removed. If you have a big dog you could make something that lays across their back and hangs down their sides.

Here are ways to include your pet in every aspect of your wedding celebration.

  • Include your pet in all aspects of your wedding. If you’re getting married, you want to make sure that your dog is there to celebrate with you!
  • Include your pet in all aspects of your engagement photo session. You can include them by having them as part of the photos or by taking pictures of just them on their own.
  • Include your pet in all aspects of the wedding party. Having an animal involved can be complex because the dog needs to get along well with other people. Just remember that only some dogs can handle crowds. Otherwise, you might have some issues trying to keep them under control and everyone else safe too.”

Just remember this is supposed to be fun for you and for your pet.

The most important thing to remember is that your wedding day should be about you and your partner. If you want to include your loyal furry friend, then by all means go for it! And if you’re really up for a challenge, see if the venue will allow cats too. Good luck! Here’s one of my favorite weddings where the couple incorporated their dogs into their wedding. https://tristamajaphotography.com/gallery/enchanted-manor-wedding/

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