A Redwoods Wedding is a wonderful experience.

I love to travel for weddings, so a Redwoods wedding is a dream come true. Aubrie was a referral from a past bride that had a destination wedding in the Anza Borrego desert. After talking to Aubrie about her Redwoods I could not wait to photograph her wedding.

A wedding almost didn’t happen in the Armstrong Redwoods.  The fire that was wiping out an entire part of Santa Rosa was still tearing through Northern California.  Not until a day before the wedding did I know if I was driving to Sacramento or Guerneville, just Northwest for the wedding in the woods.

Fortunately, by the next morning, the smoke smell and air quality in the Armstrong Redwoods improved greatly.  Aubrie’s Harry Potter Bride tank top is the kind of little touch that makes me love the weddings I photograph.  Her purple hair is super cute and her metal floral headpiece is fantastic.

The Ceremony

The couple picked a beautiful spot for the ceremony the Redwoods towered around everyone and one of their best friends officiated the wedding.  After the ceremony, we hiked up a trail for about twenty minutes to find some amazing spots for photos. The bride and groom were an absolute delight and were more than happy to run around in The Redwoods for an hour.


If you’d like to have a Redwoods Wedding in the Armstrong Redwoods follow this link for more information https://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=450

Here’s another destination wedding that I photographed, this couple was from Texas. https://tristamajaphotography.com/gallery/1436/