Southern California Wedding Photography

Susy found me in Girls Love Travel a facebook group we both belong to. She messaged me wondering if I would photograph her elopement in Santa Barbara at The Courthouse.  I love Santa Barbara and The Santa Barbara Courthouse is one of my favorite places to photograph weddings so I jumped at the chance. When I arrived at The Courthouse I saw his blue suit and her tardis tattoo and I knew I was with like minded people, an awesome non traditional couple. They were adventurous and more than happy to run all over the courthouse to get some fantastic shots.


He forgot the video camera in the car.  

Wouldn’t you want to get married here, it’s awesome!


This wedding had 6 people in attendance and they had hired a professional photographer, me. Can you tell me how many people are on their phones taking photos or video of this ceremony… When I looked through the lens I was speechless, because they’re just staring at a screen. Unplugged ceremonies are the way to go, tell your guests to be present!

 The Santa Barbara Courthouse’s amazing staircase.

This is still one of my favorite shots. 

This hall has fantastic light.

The view shows you all of Santa Barbara and is excellent for photos.

The Mural Room is one of the places that you can have your ceremony performed or run in for a quick pic.

These tiled benches were too pretty not to get photos in even though we were the last people in the building.

     Rave Review from Susy:

Trista is absolutely amazing! I got really lucky and found Trista online, I was able to book her a few weeks prior to the wedding.  She’s super nice and her work is great, Trista made my husband and I feel super comfortable (we are not “photoshoot” people). She provided us with a “sneak peek” of photos within a couple of days and I could not have been happier with the outcome.  I have been recommending Trista to everyone I know and will definitely be using her services again.

     If you’d like to get married or elope at The Santa Barbara Courthouse:


Here’s a link for the website to reserve the Sunken Garden or The Mural Room.


Click below to see the Marriage License and Ceremony Guide for Santa Barbara Courthouse



     Why I love photographing weddings here:

I have photographed several weddings at the Santa Barbara Courthouse.  It is usually less busy on a weekday, but isn’t terribly hectic on a weekend. The weather is usually wonderful even in the summer and even if it gets warm there’s usually a breeze. There is a parking structure right across the street and it’s reasonably priced. If you want to have a reception or grab a bite afterwards there are plenty of restaurants close by and places for receptions. Also, if you have the time to spend the day in Santa Barbara, it’s a fantastic town. Plus, if you like brunch as much as I do go to Jeannine’s, they have two locations in SB, their banana kahlua french toast makes my toes curl. http://jeannines.com/ I try to go every time I’m in town.


The link below is another wedding that I photographed at The Santa Barbara Courthouse, this one was in the Sunken Garden.