Hi, I’m Trista and I’ll be your purple-haired girl behind the lens, I’m a LA native and I’ve been a Los Angeles Wedding Photographer since 2010. I have three dogs, a bunch of cats and my iphone is usually full because I take way too many photos of them.

 I have a love for food, all food, but my favorites are sushi, an amazing burger, some good Korean BBQ and whatever interesting recipe that I’ve decided to whip up off of Pinterest, I also have quite a few photos on my phone of my food too. It’s like I enjoy taking photos or something.  I’m also a bit of a movie nerd and have many goofy favorites that I quote and usually only a few people in the room get the reference.
I also thoroughly enjoy traveling just about anywhere, I’ve traveled all over the United States and probably know the I-5 better than most people should. I’ve been to Western and Eastern Europe several times and one of my favorite places is Budapest.
Back to wedding photography, I’m very open minded and find that non traditional couples and weddings make me incredibly happy, especially weddings where the couple put themselves and personality into the wedding like comic book centerpieces or a Star Wars cake topper. 
  I like taking pretty pretty pictures and there’s a good chance that I’m almost as excited about your wedding as you are.  I have been known to get my brides into their dresses, pin boutineers, make last minute toss bouquets and all sorts of other things that go beyond the realm of photography.